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Real estate

The main part of Kermas’s real estate portfolio is located in Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea.

Investment sectors

Real estate

Real estate investment is a significant component of Kermas long term strategy of increasing the Group’s diversification.

Kermas’s real estate division is dedicated to quality through a premium assets and well-designed properties which are setting the standard for excellence in this industry.

The main part of Kermas’s real estate portfolio is located in Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, where we are developing an integrated luxury tourist and golf resort and marina, on more than 350 hectares. Given the symbiotic relationship between tourism and agriculture, Kermas also owns numerous smaller properties in Istria suitable for agritourism.

Parallel, we are investing in five star marina project which is situated in Trogir, historic harbor on the Adriatic coast which has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.


The Dragonera Estate and Porto Mariccio Village, will house beachfront properties situated opposite of the famous Brijuni Islands and within easy reach of the historical city of Pula.

These sites are among the best-preserved and most attractive locations on the spectacular Adriatic coast.

At this exquisite and unique site, Kermas is developing a destination which will become synonymous with luxury and refined living in the Mediterranean. This area will house two luxury tourist resorts that will be complimented by a 27-hole golf course (an 18 hole and a 9 hole course).

Additional sport facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pools and a polo pitch, will also be built.

The accommodation will include a luxury hotel with spa, wellness center alongside meeting facilities. At the sister site there will be another deluxe boutique hotel with detached condo suites and luxury residential units.

This project is in the final stages of development before construction. Ownership rights, a government concession and construction plans have all been secured, as well as the site’s master plan. Selected master plan, completed by a team of Italian architects, was chosen from several proposals submitted by different well-known international architectural firms.


The project is situated in the beautiful island of St.Katerina, which is an integral part of city of Pula in Croatia and will provide at the same time new touristic activities and serve as an accompaniment to the everyday life of the city. It has a visible and rich history dating back to the times of the Roman Empire, adding to its attractiveness.

Kermas considers St. Katerina the ideal location for a marina hub in the north Adriatic.


With its lush green hills, fertile valleys, pittoresque medieval hill towns and colourful coastal villages, Istria, has rightfully been described as 'the new unspoilt Tuscany'. 

The Istrian peninsula is rapidly becoming the new destination for rural and ecotourism developments.

Brijuni rivijera project video

For all the development that has ravaged much of Europe, Istria remains an isolated pocket of beauty, tranquility and calm.

As such, it is an ideal destination for upmarket tourism, an opportunity Kermas was quick to recognize and seize. The Group now owns around 1,000 hectares of land at 40 different locations across Istria, including on nearby islands, Cres and Mali Lošinj, where we have plans to build traditional houses from gleaming Istrian stone.

Once realized, these homes will offer up an ancient luxury, unbeknown to any modern hotel.

And, since rural tourism is inextricably linked to agriculture, Kermas is preserving the area’s rustic charm by investing in Istria’s olive groves, lavender, fields and also nurturing its specialized boutique winery in Fernetići, a medieval village in northern Istria.


Kermas is passionate about establishing Adriatic Sea as a major, luxury touristic destination. We are therefore committed to developing a state of the art, modern marina for yachts and mega-yachts, with berths both at sea and on the land.

The marina – situated just 25km from Split - will be backed by a whole host of supplementary services. The project will be based on the island of Čiovo, next to the walls of Trogir, the old town protected by UNESCO.

The marina is ideally located, and offers a high degree of natural protection from high winds and waves. Its development is part of our wider strategy to modernize the activities at the Brodotrogir shipyard

Marina and shipyard in Trogir