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Launching of the new product tanker in Brodotrogir

Brodotrogir has built the tanker worth 45 million USD for its' company Trogir Maritime and has launched it on 2nd July 2016. For the construction of this taker Brodotrogir has used its own innovative design making this tanker more economical. Launched tanker ’Novogradnja 326’ has capacity of 49,000 tonnes, is 284 metres long and 32 metres wide and is the second tanker of this type built in Brodotrogir.

Danko Koncar, owner of Brodotrogir and member of the Board, informed us that, same as previous tanker, this one will be leased to shipping companies for the pice of 7 500 to

9 500 a day. He added that, beside construction of ships, Brodotrogir has expanded its ship refurbishment and refitting service and is pursuing further development of the marina. He noted his satisfaction with achievements of Brodotrogir in the last three years.

Satisfaction with the progress of Brodotrogir was expressed by Ivan Sertic  Deputy Economy Minister, present at the launch ceremony, who pointed out that this ship is a proof that the restructuring of Brodotrogir is going as planned. "This is a success story and Brodotrogir can count on continuous support of the Economy Ministry and Government," Sertić added.

Ante Stipičić, Mayor of Trogir confirmed that Brodotrogir working at the full capacity has a great positive impact on the economy of the whole Trogir area

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