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The celebration of the first anniversary of Brodotrogir's privatisation

To celebrate the first year since Brodotrogir’s privatisation, the formal act of awarding the ISO 9001:2008 certificate to Brodotrogir d.d. and its daughter companies, Hrvatska brodogradnja Trogir d.o.o. and Servisni centar Trogir d.o.o., was held.
Nenad Končar, the Board Chairman of Brodotrogir, and Board member Mateo Tramontana greeted the attendants, looked back on the results accomplished in the previous year and spoke of the certain continuation of positive trends in the future, as seen from the obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
“It's the first year since Brodotrogir was privatised, our order book is full and work for the next three years is ensured. In cooperation with trade unions, we have successfully taken care of 341 workers with severance packages, and afterwards hired 94 new workers.”, said Nenad Končar, pointing out that the company continues to look for profitable niches: “We believe that sailing vessels are what we are looking for, in addition to our standard programme with chemical tankers. We want to work even faster and better and achieve our set goals, and everything that we do, we do studiously and with careful consideration”.

Board member Mateo Tramontana presented the current state of Brodotrogir and its 957 workers to the attendants. The first tanker is under construction, the construction of the first phase of the marina at the north coast is near completion, and the first visitors are expected at the start of this tourist season. At Balan, to the south of the shipyard, the construction of a car park with the capacity for approximately 350 cars is in progress.
He also spoke of the investments in the construction of facilities that would contribute to absolute environmental protection in shipbuilding: “We have accomplished a lot in these 365 days, maybe we could have accomplished more, but what's important is that we are moving forward”.
He specifically pointed out that the certificates were a confirmation that Brodotrogir produces high-quality vessels: “We now have international proof that our shipyard can compete for new dealings that it could not have competed for until now”.
The ceremony was attended by trade unions, representatives of accredited certification houses of Bureau Veritas Croatia d.o.o. Rijeka and the Croatian Ship Registry in Split, the Trogir town leaders, mayor Ante Stipčić and his deputy Filip Anđelić and MP Damir Rilje, all in absolute support of Brodotrogir as an important economic factor for the town.

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