Kermas has a proven track record of successfully providing solutions for an extensive array of mining operations.

Investment sectors


From its foundation, mining has been Kermas’ flagship activity and the company has decades-worth of experience in developing greenfield, as well in improving brownfield mining operations across the world.

Kermas has a proven track record of successfully providing solutions for an extensive array of mining operations.

At present, Kermas is leading its mining operations through several companies, located in South Africa, Turkey, Germany, Zimbabwe and Burundi.



Afarak Group is a vertically integrated ferroalloys producer supplying specialist products to the steel and stainless steel industries.

The Group’s chrome operations are split into two businesses:

  1. Speciality Alloys - consisting of the Turkish mining operation TMS and the German processing plant, EWW.
  2. Ferroalloys - consisting of mining projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the alloy processing plant, Mogale in South Africa.

Afarak exports chrome ore directly to China and also sells a diverse range of chrome products that are used in the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries.


Chromex mining Ltd is a subsidiary of both Afarak and Kermas that specializes in chrome ore mining and processing in South Africa.


Framework Investment Ltd (100% owned by Kermas) holds 75% of equity in Veremo, a mining development project located in Eastern Bushveld in SA.

Stellite mine project located in Bushveld Complex in South Africa Owned by Chromex Mining Ltd, subsidiary of Afarak Group Plc since 2010.

Veremo possesses the exploration rights for one of South African's largest combined iron- titanium-vanadium deposits, with resources consisting of more than 650 million tons of mineable ore.

The excellent quality of the deposit and its proximity to infrastructure makes this project potentially a very profitable one.


Burundi Mining Metallurgy International Ltd (BMM) was established for exploration and development of mining opportunities in Burundi. At the end of 2008, the Burundi Government awarded BMM exploration rights for nickel, cobalt and platinum. BMM has now finished an extensive exploration phase and is awaiting a final mining license.

BMM’s plan is to build and operate an integrated mining, smelting and refining industrial complex in Burundi with the capacity to produce 5 million tons of ore per year.