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Green Energy

Construction and operation of power plants from renewable energy sources.

Investment sectors

Green Energy

The development of new, clean energy sources is a focal point of Kermas Group’s global investment strategy. Not only do we believe in the long-term profitably of the sector, but also Kermas is firmly dedicated to advancing green technologies as part of our wider commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


As part of our commitment to produce energy from renewable sources by the end of the decade we have expanded our green energy portfolio in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We expect that our investment will encourage other global players to step up their own commitments to renewable energy production.

Why this region?

This region, is ideally situated in the heart of Europe, and has easy transportation links to the rest of the continent, good airport infrastructure and long coastline.

Both Croatia and BiH are committed to meeting EU-wide renewable energy pledges. The governments had made green energy a focal point of its economic development plans and have introduced a range of incentives to help get this vital sector off the ground.


Due to its long coastline, Croatia and Southern part of BiH have a considerable wind energy potential, with the country’s various coastal mountains’ locations serving as prime positions for wind energy farms.

According to government studies,  wind farms in this region have the capacity to produce some 35% more electricity than the EU wind farm average, making them an excellent investment.

Through its daughter companies, ‘Oštra stina’ and 'Eol prvi' Kermas has already invested in a 42MW wind park, Kamensko & Voštane and a 49,5MW wind park Trusina. In the coming years it plans to invest in even more projects where possible.

Windfarm Voštane & Kamensko video | Opening ceremony July 15th 2013 - President Josipović put windfarm, substation and connecting power transmition in operation


Hydropower potential, currently the most developed renewable energy source worldwide, is of great importance in Kermas energy investment strategy.

So far, Kermas has invested in several existing small hydro power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together with our Bosnian partners, we are currently looking for further investment opportunities.

Furthermore, Kermas is a majority shareholder in Kermas Innovation Technologies (KIT), which has patented and is developing the underwater screw turbine system that holds great potential in the field of clean, renewable energies.


Solar energy is expanding rapidly, growing by between 40 to 90% year-on-year across the EU. With the world’s continued thirst for energy, we believe that solar power will continue to play an ever greater part.

This energy source is particularly valuable for less developed countries, with poor transportation and infrastructure, because it can be installed in virtually any location and is deemed highly portable.

Kermas therefore intends to build future solar power project throughout southern Africa, in order to support its existing and future mining activities.

Kermas has also invested in small solar projects in BiH as part of the strategy to invest in renewable energy in this region.