Corporate overview

Our values

Kermas Limited is a global diversified investment company that owns and operates businesses in an array of industries including: mining, ore processing, renewable energy, real estate, tourism, shipbuilding and agriculture.

The company has subsidiaries in 11 countries.

However, we believe that our main asset is our human capital and our global experience, which allows us to achieve constantly high standards and to do business in new markets and environments.

In every industry, field or location in which we operate, we aspire to excellence and aim to be industry leaders.

Through continuous improvement of the quality and diversity of our assets and by fostering the professional development of our employees and associates, we are constantly striving to achieve that goal.

We are growing and managing our diversified portfolio in order to maximize the benefits of the whole group, deliver added value to the company and provide a lasting positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

From specially-funded school programs in South Africa, to the financing of infrastructure projects in Burundi and our green energy projects in Europe, we work with local stakeholders to ensure a better and more prosperous future.

It is our firm belief that only through the joint efforts of all employees and through partnership with our suppliers, contractors, customers and local communities can we bring outstanding success and sustainable growth.

Kermas Limited is a global diversified investment company.