Corporate overview


Dr. Danko Koncar is the long-serving General Director of Kermas Limited. Since founding the company in 1989, he has helped build Kermas' from the ground up, and guided its evolution from a trading company into a large diversified international corporation.

Dr. Koncar holds BSci and MSc in electronic engineering and a PhD in computer science from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

He began his career in electronics, working at both the production and sales sides of the industry, before going on to manage one of the leading electronic goods factories in the ex-Yugoslavia. 

Dr. Koncar, however, has dedicated the majority of his career to minerals processing and trading.

From 2005 to 2009 Dr. Koncar served as the Chairman of Samancor Chrome and successfully orchestrated the restructured the mining firm. In November 2009, he sold his stake in Samancor and resigned his chairmanship in order to start a new business venture, using Kermas to become the single biggest shareholder in Finnish company, Afarak Group (ex Ruukki Group).

Dr. Koncar is now CEO of Afarak and has reoriented it towards mining and processing activities.

Through Ruukki, Dr. Koncar’s attention is still focused on South Africa and he is active in securing new chrome ore resources, as well as chrome processing plants. His long-term vision is to grow Afarak's asset base in southern Africa in order to transform Afarak into a leading player in the global chrome industry.

Dr. Koncar is also the main architect in Kermas' ongoing diversification strategy into real estate, marina development and green energy production.

Dr. Danko Koncar General Director of Kermas Limited